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International coproduction

The pieces are the first performances of a three years collaboration, in which two isolatedly working dance theatre, Krakow Dance Theater and Central Europe Dance Theater creates their joint performing art .

Welcome on dunaPart!

Welcome on Budapest, on the the 4th edition of dunaPart – Platform of Hungarian Contemporary Performing Arts! We would like to invite you the performance of CEDT on Friday at 13:30.

Who are you, contemporary dance?

Thinking together about dance, art, being “contemporary”. This is a new form of experience, which includes exploration in the subjects of history, aesthetics and language of contemporary dance.

The Horde

„The members of the horde do those things which are dictated by the folk and roving music; they act as their environment wishes – which does not endure changing. It is a constant readiness, a fight for their lives – while the audience feels the sweet drops of liberation from the constraint of the modern and conventional world.”
(Petrova Miroljuba, KET Blog, 24.04.2013)

Inner Outside

The Choreography of Máté Mészáros and Csaba Molnár on the Eve of the International Dance Day

Progressive. Stylish. Contemporary. The Central Europe Dance Theatre (CEDT) is one of the most powerful and imressive dance companies, wich is unique in the region: beside the expanding and developing repertory, the DTIE, IKF and DEEP programmes play an essential role in our mission.