The pieces are the first performances of a three years collaboration, in which two isolatedly working dance theatre, Krakow Dance Theater and Central Europe Dance Theater creates their joint performing art .

Central Europe Dance Theater launched V4 Young Dance Talents program in 2013. The project was driven by the recognition that Central Europe currently does not have any international network that would be able to compete with institutions in Western Europe. It is difficult to cross the gap between dance education and professional dance. Individual companies and theaters are working in isolation from each other.

The first performances of the collaboration (V4 Young Dance Talents program)  are the choreographies of Eryk Makohon and Attila Kun, which will be presented by dancers of CEDT and students of the Hungarian Dance Academy in March 2018 at the Royal Gardens (produced by National Dance Theater).

These performances are the result of a long-term professional co-operation in which dance organizations in the V4 countries have been given the opportunity to get to know each other, share experiences, views and knowledge.