Progressive. Stylish. Contemporary. The Central Europe Dance Theatre (CEDT) is one of the most powerful and impressive dance companies, wich is unique in the region: beside the expanding and developing repertory, the DTIE, IKF and DEEP programmes play an essential role in our mission.

The history of the company is here

DTIE – Dance Theatre in Education – is the only education programme which includes both contemporary teaching techniques and professional dance performances. On the basis of the British TIE programs we have improved a methodology for children and youth groups so that participants can learn about themselves, each other, the world around them and about the language of contemporary dance. While they are discovering the countless possibilities of their body’s power of expression, the movements of the world around them becomes much more reasonable and understandable. DTIE is co-produced by National Dance Theatre, Káva Drama/Theatre in Education Association and CEDT.

We know that teaching is a profession – so before we started the DTIE project, our dancers had taken part in a three-month-long intensive training with acknowledged drama teachers. After more than 50 performances we can say that our dancers have a significant experience, and they are still willing to learn something new from the children in every single show.

Up to now the DTIE methodology of the company has got connected with 50 schools from the Carpathian Basin. We already have ten new registrations from school-groups for the fall and winter period of 2016. We take pride in the fact that the concept of the performances can involve any child between 12 to 14 years of age – both in little rural villages and in the capital.

Few times a year – within the framework of the Young Choreographers’ Platform (IKF) – we give the possibility for young and progressive choreographers to work with the dancers of our company. Meeting of high professionalism and the youth’s unbroken imagination, we have a great opportunity to make something fancy, new and uncommon year by year. We like courage – even if not every experiment is a success story – and we all can learn a lot from this project.

D.E.E.P is our open dance education project. D.E.E.P includes programmes for children groups, dance schools, workshops for beginners and for professional companies and dancers, “open studio”-days, and classes about the theory and history of dance. The programmes are open for anybody who is interested and impassioned regardless of experience in the field of dance.Apart from the fact that we try to make the participants familiar with contemporary dance, it’s important to us to show them how they can use their own body, how they can communicate by using only movements, and how they can improve consciously the balance of body and mind.

Our repertoire is unique.

In the past 27 years we have made shows in 22 countries, 44 cities, we have had 101 premiers, and we have worked together with 55 choreographers.

The company believes that contemporary dance is current and our shows are relevant and reflective. The base of our work is Hungary and the Carpathian Basin, we are inspired by the various and living dance traditions of the region, but we are sensitive to the international trends and problems of the present. We are open to challenges.