InSoundOut Who is the dancer, when not dancing? What makes the personality, how could be showed on the stage the pure, naked human charachter without dancing? InSoundOut
Metamorphosis (Inner Outline) The piece is researching the personality changes of a person who is on the edge of insanity. The solo is based on thriller and horror movies such as Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining or Lars von Trier’s Antichrist. Metamorphosis (Inner Outline)
Metamorphosis (Inner Outline)
Stairs (Inner Outlines) Stairs, the stage of life. It presents us with unexpected and very much expected turns. The moving person is uncertain, unlike the stairs. The thoughts and desires of a person works the same. Their wings were lost a long time ago. They go up to the attic then down to the basement. Stairs (Inner Outlines)
Stairs (Inner Outlines)
Based on true story The solution is based on the answers of the children participating in the programme, but the dancers and actors don’t leave them alone: sometimes the artists involve the children, discuss the scene they have seen before, and ask them about the next step. At the end they make contact with the family both with words and movements. Based on true story
Based on true story
Poly The play Poly is the choreography of Eryk Makohon - the director of Cracow Dance Theatre. Poly