Young Choreographers Platform – YCP 2023

Central European Dance Theatre is pleased to announce that this year again it is launching an open call for applications under the name “IKF 2023” – Young Choreographers Forum. This year, for the 25th time, we are giving the opportunity to a young artist to showcase his or her work.


In 2013, the KET has set out to develop a new strategy to build a new basis for working with the youngest artists and to open up new perspectives for working with them. The launch of the talent programme has confirmed the need for our initiative, with 24 young choreographers having so far been given the opportunity to showcase their work: Jobbágy Bernadett, Újvári Milán, Pálfi Gabriella, Grecsó Zoltán, Ujszászi Dorottya, Varga Kinga, Gyulai Júlia, Halász Gábor, Szamosi Judit, Kiss Anikó, Simkó Beatrix, Túri Lajos Péter, Samu Kristóf, Szarvas Krisztina, Dávid Mikó, Gyula Cserepes, Eva Urbanova (SK), Anna Mikuła-Paweł Urbanowicz (PL), Magda Niedzielska (PL), Csilla Nagy, Rita Góbi or, out of competition, but two KET dancers, Krisztián Barna and Dávid Dabóczi. As you can read in the names, the talent development and research programme has been taken to an international level in 2020.

Many of the young artists listed have been invited to create independent works for the KET. Beatrix Simkó’s demonstration was nominated for the Rudolf Lábán Prize in 2017 and Magda Niedzielska’s creation was selected for the 10th Theatre Olympics in 2023.

The winner will be given the opportunity to work with the KET company and rehearsal space for a week, during one evening at the Sissi Autumn Dance Festival, where they will work with the dance artists under professional mentorship. At the end of the week, the work will be presented in a public demonstration at the Bethlen Téri Theatre, where the theatre’s technicians and technicians will be available. The finished choreography will be documented in a photo documentary, which will serve as a reference for the young artists in their future competitions. In addition, before the one-week rehearsal process, further opportunities will be provided to prepare the demonstration with training sessions for the dancers, during which the performers will get to know the young choreographers’ own world of movement, while the creators will also get to know the programme’s dance artists.


Five days of creation: 6-10th November 2023.

Venue of the demonstration: Bethlen Square Theatre

Time of the demonstration: 11th November 2023


List of the application and documents to be attached:

  • synopsis
  • number of participants
  • Curriculum vitae
  • references as dancer (and creator, if any) – YouTube or Vimeo link
  • references from two well-known artists (with whom the applicant has already had the opportunity to work, or who are familiar with the artist’s work and can offer support for their application) 


Deadline for submission: 1st October, midnight

Announcement of results: 12th October, noon

The results will be announced before the presentation of the entry and the implementation plan!


Applications should be uploaded to the Google Forms page.

More information: