17 – 19 JUNE 2024, Sfântu Gheorghe, Romania

DCL – Dance Communication Lab – is a space for the exchange of experiences between those who participate. The main purpose of the meeting is for six dancing people to get to know each other through improvisation which is the most expressive and characteristic creative process in contemporary dance.

The DCL assumes a democratisation of the creative process, collaboration on equal terms of all the people taking part in this meeting. The DCL organised in Sfântu Gheorghe envisages inviting a local artist representing a different field of art to collaborate. The process will be open to dialoguing between genres, languages and creative tools.

The DCL will be led by Romanian dancer and choreographer Andrea Gavriliu.

The DCL will conclude with a public showing as part of FLOW5 Festival organized by M Studio between 17 and 23 June 2024.

The project is carried out within the framework of Beyond Front@: Bridging Periphery – a Creative Europe project (2023-2026) created by Central Europe Dance Theatre – CEDT (Hungary), Bunker (Slovenia), Hrvatski institut za pokret i ples – HIPP (Croatia), Krakow Dance Theatre (Poland), M Studio (Romania) and Vitlycke – CPA (Sweden) to foster local development of the contemporary dance fields.

The main purpose of the Dance Communication Lab is to facilitate networking between dance artists from different countries and provide them with relevant experience that will help them develop their careers in the international dance scene.

Who is the DCL for?

The DCL is aimed at dance professionals, people who dance, choreograph and practise movement activities. The workshop will be a creative meeting of independent artists who will share their experience, ways of acting and creative tools.

We invite people from Poland, Hungary, Slovenia, Croatia, Romania and Sweden to apply.

Time and place

16 June – arrival in Sfântu Gheorghe

17-19 June – creative process

19 June – public showing

20 June – departure

Place: M Studio headquarters (Covasna county, Piața Libertății nr. 1, Sfântu Gheorghe, RO)

What do we provide?

● accommodation for 4 nights;

● catering during the stay.

The Beyond Front@ project partner from your country will cover:

● travel costs

● fees (EUR 150 gross)

How to apply? You can apply via e-mail – office@m-studio.ro – by providing the following information:

● CV

● video material that best represents your work; please provide a link to the material on YouTube/vimeo (please insert the video links in your CV).

Please submit your application by 15th of March.

We will announce the results of the open call by 30th of March.

We encourage you to follow M Studio on Facebook where we will keep you up to date with the events of the project.

Any questions? Write to us! M Studio –  office@m-studio.ro

Good luck! 🙂