Inner Outlines is a sequence that offers a surface for the choreographer and the performer to work closely together. Thanks to the genre of a solo act, the dancer’s character appears through their presence on stage; also, during the rehearsal period, the performer responds to the ideas the choreographer offers – this is how the shared work of two creating entities become a portrait, a sketch for the dance performer of CEDT.

Stairs, the stage of life. It presents us with unexpected and very much expected turns. The moving person is uncertain, unlike the stairs. The thoughts and desires of a person works the same. Their wings were lost a long time ago. They go up to the attic then down to the basement. A lot of lonesome desires like these leave the flat from time to time to turn into their own opposites on the streets, to become a partner without desires. One who is needed by none; one who needs noone. Lack of bravery? Lack of potencial? Everyone looks like what they are not. Some fight against it and fail. Some do not fight and others fail. Stairs seem to be a way but not a way out.

The text of the monologue was written by the poet, HALASI Zoltán; he and RÉTI Anna worked together earlier on the performance called ‘Kártyavár’.


Dance artist

  • Mariann Hargitai


  • Márton Debreczeni


  • Pál Körmendy

Special thanks to

  • Pál Körmendy

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