Few times a year – within the framework of the Young Choreographers’ Platform (YCP) – we give the possibility for young and progressive choreographers to work with the dancers of our company. Meeting of high professionalism and the youth’s unbroken imagination, we have a great opportunity to make something fancy, new and uncommon year by year. We like courage – even if not every experiment is a success story – and we all can learn a lot from this project.

“The concept of Circul8 was inspired by Samuel Beckett’s pieces without text. I was searching for certain movement schemas and patterns in order to reduce them and vary with different characters moving through the space.

Through repetition and highly constructed movements the goal was to find new structures which built on everyday gestures resulting in a conceptual dance vocabulary.

Repetition is a recurrent element in my recent works – this time I was interested in working with multiple dancers to observe the connections and links created by the choreography. Beyond my attention to the strict structure of choreography I was seeking for a diverse movement language, which’ve drawn a lot from everyday movements yet built up a contemporary dance piece.” Beatrix Simkó



  • Dániel Dömölky


  • Levente Boros


  • Beatrix Simkó