A Joint Production by the National Dance Theatre, the Central Europe Dance Theatre, the Káva Cultural Workshop and the Bethlen Square Theatre

The production focuses on a family (single mother, teenage son trying to find his way in the world, sceptical teenage daughter and absent father) falling apart. Through their story, we discuss with the 12-14 year old participants how one is able to preserve their humanity (and childhood) in a family falling apart. The structure of the one hundred and fifty-minute performance consists of scripted theatrical scenes, dance theatre scenes, and interactive verbal and movement parts linked together and following from each other. The performances take place on weekday mornings, and we anticipate the application of junior secondary school classes to participate in this project.


Actors and dancers: Mariann Hargitai, Adrienn Horváth, Gábor Ivanov, Zsanett Jakab, János

Kardos, László Mádi, Melinda Milák

Writer, dramaturg: Júlia Róbert

Theatrical educational consultant: Gábor Takács

Visual designer: Gabriella Kiss

Engineering: Zoltán Fogarasi

Choreographer: Attila Kun

Director: András Sereglei