After graduating from the Hungarian Dance Academy, Máté spent a few years at the Szeged Contemporary Ballet working with Tamás Juronics. Leaving the country he later worked with the most reputed choreographers in Europe: Ohad Naharin, Wim Vandekeybus, Sharon Eyal, Amanda Miller, Roberto Galvan, Myriam Naisy, Robin Orlin. He has been a member of Ultima Vez for 6 years and assistant to Wim Vandekeybus. In 2010 he started to create his own works. Máté has choreographed for several hungarian companies (PR-Evolution, Eva Duda dance company, Central Europe Dance Theater) and for Bremen Dance Theater (Germany). Currently, Máté Mészáros is touring his works HINOKI 2.0 and NEXTtoME and gives workshops internationally. He is also part of new creations as a performer in several international productions. In November 2017 Mate will present his new work in collaboration with Trafo (Budapest) and SIN Arts center.

Csaba Molnár was born in Lučenec (Slovakia) in 1986.
He started his studies at the Budapest Contemporary Dance Accademy and continued in P.A.R.T.S. ( Performing Arts Research and Training Studios, directed by Anna Teresa De Keersmaeker, Bruxelles) graduating in 2008.
He has worked as a performer with Adrienn Hód, Eszter Gál, Wally Cardona and with the Florence based company Virgilio Sieni Danza.
He is a funding member of the BLOOM! artistic collective and he develops his interest as a choreographer independently as well as with the collective.
Beside his own works is currently working for the hungarian dance company Hodworks and teaching regularly at the Budapest Contemporary Dance Academy.

Adrienn Hód was born in 1975. She graduated at Budapest Contemporary Dance School, the only contemporary dance school in Hungary, founded by Iván Angelus. Her early works were presented at Inspiration- Young Choreographers’ Evenings, organized by Workshop Foundation. She founded OFF Company in 1995, then Hodworks in 2007. Same year she was resident of the Research into the Unknown, a research program run by Workshop Foundation, in 2008 she was participant of Meeting Points, a Hungarian-American artistic program. In 2010 she was awarded Trust for Mutual Understanding grant, in 2011 she resident at Tanzfabrik, in Berlin. Adrienn Hód was supported to make a new production by Jardin d’Europe EU funded project in 2012 and by Trafó House of Contemporary Arts in 2013. In autumn 2013 she was resident at Headlands Centre for the Arts, in San Francisco, in 2014 fellow Philadelphia Dance Exchange. In 2012 with Basse danse, in 2014 with Dawn, in 2015 with Conditions of Being a Mortal Hodworks has been selected into the Aerowaves 20 Priority Companies. Her choreographies were nominated to Rudolf Laban Prize seven times that she won twice: with Basse danse in 2011 and with Dawn in 2014. She did choreographic work for the film Son of Saul (directed by László Nemes Jeles) that won the Oscar as the Best Foreign Language Film in 2016. Her most recent piece with Hodworks, Grace has been premiered the same year and she has been choreographing for the Ljubljana-based En-Knap Group and working in Staatstheater Mainz as the female choreographer of the HOM/FAM session with her duet, Beliefs. She received Zoltán Imre price in Hungary, in 2016.

Anna Réti studied at the Rotterdam Dance Academy, and then worked with Itzik Galili and Conny Janssen in The Netherlands. Upon her return to Hungary, she worked with László Hudi, Réka Szabó, Viktor Bodó and Gábor Goda amongst others. In recent years she has participated in the projects of Josef Nadj, Karine Ponties and Paulo Riberio.
She has been making her own choreography since 2005, many of  her works have received recognition and awards in Hungary and abroad.
Her own works: Inside Out, Home of Cards, Night Shift, Fregoli syndrome, Vis-à-vis, Comments on the moment, Ego Trip, Point of You, Stairs.
Point of You what was created together with Ricardo Machado (P) has been selected into the best 20 performances of 2016 by Aerowaves.