Lilith A man - woman - dancer stands in the empty space defined by the walls of the theater. Patiently looking forward to the spectators while they find their seats, so she can begin her revelation. His body and personality serve as a medium through which he opens up to a collective information channel. Lilith
Kodály dialogues Upon the request of the National Dance Theatre the Central Europe Dance Theatre (CEDT) undertook the preparation of two musical composition by Kodály, for which it invited music artists with significant international careers in the persons of Ditta Rohmann and Bálint Kruppa. Kodály dialogues
Kodály dialogues
Bach Dance Suites A new production is born of long years of cooperation between Ditta Rohmann Junior Primissima award winning cellist and Attila Kun Rudolf Lábán and Gyula Harangozó award winning choreographer. Bach Dance Suites
Bach Dance Suites
Divertimento Ever since the beginning, music and dance have been an indispensable part of human existence: accompaniment to our joys, our sufferings, to our everyday lives and our celebrations. Then as now, they have helped mankind develop, enrich and pass on its culture. Divertimento
Bartók-Sztravinszkij evening Wild rites and holy madness. The roll of drums around the fire, singing at the street carnival, the DJ’s rhythms at a night club; dance is honouring the suspension of the everyday, the transcendent, the world of instincts, freedom, the incomprehensible and, most of all, the eternal law. Dance is death. Bartók-Sztravinszkij evening
Bartók-Sztravinszkij evening
Princess Of Colophon The Princess Of Colophon retells the story of Arachne, the princess turned into a spider, who, confident in her new weaving skills, challenges Athena to a competition. Princess Of Colophon
Princess Of Colophon
Stabat Mater One of the most known poems of the christian culture meets Rossini’s music. Sharing the pain and bitterness, entering into the weak’s feelings is the most actual message in the 21st century. How can it be connected to the ones, who are surrounded by the ’Holy Trinity’ of investment, profit and stock? Stabat Mater
Stabat Mater
Kérész in the Trezor series No stage, no auditorium. Performers and spectators go through the evening as one community. While they talk at a table, the evening is enriched by continuous visual, musical, and theatrical action. Is it possible to preserve an ephemeral artistic creation for the future? Are the instantaneous and the eternal contradictory or are they the very same thing? Kérész in the Trezor series
Kérész in the Trezor series
Stairs (Inner Outlines) Stairs, the stage of life. It presents us with unexpected and very much expected turns. The moving person is uncertain, unlike the stairs. The thoughts and desires of a person works the same. Their wings were lost a long time ago. They go up to the attic then down to the basement. Stairs (Inner Outlines)
Stairs (Inner Outlines)