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Dance in music, music in dance At the organ concerts of the Palace of Arts one could already experience the boundlessness of art. Organ music have been already accompanied by literature, play of light, cinematic art, folk and world music but never by choreography. Dance in music, music in dance
Dance in music, music in dance
Vagabond Diaries The two parts of the performance presented at the Budapest Spring Festival (2014) – the works of Máté Mészáros and Attila Kun – are the testimony of choreographers who gained experience with foreign companies in finding themselves, in adaptation, existence outside the homeland. Vagabond Diaries
Vagabond Diaries
Peregrines Peregrine means a wanderer, an upstart and rootless rover too who brings the knowledge gained abroad to the homeland. It is not a secret that the three choreographers of the three separate one-play acts – symbolically – identify themselves with the peregrine ancestors since Máté Mészáros, Lóránd Zachár, Attila Kun also gained experience in many places around the world Peregrines